1. Leading Exams host mock examinations are created by real exam makers.
  2. They are specifically in line with the requirements and difficulty of competitive independent and grammar schools, depending which exams you choose. Our full length papers cover Maths, English Comprehension, Creative Writing & Dictation, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.
  3. All marked exam papers are returned to students by post, with a handwritten feedback report containing areas of improvement and actionable revision advice. This is why parents choose Leading Exams.

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7+ Mock Exams Schedule

A note from Leading Exams

Our Mock Exams are classified alphabetically (eg Mock Exam A, Mock Exam B etc). Each test is unique and is designed specifically for the 7+, 8+ and 11+ exams being held in 2021 and 2022. The exams are created by official examiners, and are kept strictly in house so is guaranteed to be new, and possibly challenging, material.

We recommend children taking at least two mock exams, allowing a period of improvement between exams for children to act on advice we provide.


Please ensure that your child arrives 15 minutes before their exam time. They’ll need to bring a pencil, rubber & ruler. Further Instructions will be emailed after purchase.



Exams take place at the Marlborough Primary School, Draycott Avenue (entrance Sloane Avenue), London, SW3 3AP

Tried and Tested Exams

New Project (18)

As Josh is our second child to sit the 7+, we decided to prepare him ourselves. Josh took three mock exams with Leading Exams. The reports and feedback provided after each exam were incredibly useful to help us create an actionable plan for Josh. For parents tackling the 7+ exams, we highly recommend Leading Exams. 



Mr and Mrs Wang

Parents of 7+ student

New Project (18)

Leading Exams provided my son with invaluable timed practice before his 8+ exams. We primarily used sample papers from myexampapers.co.uk to prepare however there aren’t many out there and the difficulty varies a lot. My son commented that the Leading Exams mock was the most difficult exams he did and also most similar to the real thing. 

Ms Stevenson

Mother of 8+ student

New Project (18)

The Leading Exams 11+ Grammar School assessment was perfect for our son. We opted to take one mock exam every six weeks for six months in the lead up to the GL exams. Everytime, the entire scope of the syllabus was tested and our sons mark showed a fantastic improvement using the feedback Leading Exams gave us.


Dr Shah

Father of 11+ student

New Project (18)

Our 7+ and 8+ students attended the Leading Exams 2021 mock examinations. We used the assessment to create individualised learning plans for each student. Leading Exams are the best organisation I’ve come across – they even test Mental Arithmetic and Dictation which are often overlooked.




Mr Russell

Prep School Headteacher